Expat Outsourcing

Our extensive experience and multidisciplinary workforce allow us to provide a comprehensive service that covers all the necessary means to transfer an individual from one country to another:

Expatriation policies

At the search of added value for the employees and the organization, it is vital to have a proper development of a comprehensive expatriation policy that is clear and adapted with the growth and expansion objectives of the corporation, while offering an attractive opportunity for the personal and professional development of the future expat.

Inbound and outbound expatriation planning, taking into consideration every factor that an international assignment entails:

End of assignment in Peru: Repatriation and reassignment planning.

These services are achieved by working closely with your company’s management, HR and/or mobility department. Our objective is to become an extension of your company, to know your business in detail, your requirements and the needs of your expat personnel, to not only react properly to any problem or inspection of migratory, labor and/or tax authorities, but to also comply all the obligations and legal deadlines, process optimization, problem prevention and solution creation before these problems arise.

We will also ensure the described problems are not repeated in the future.

We will get to know your processes, needs, objectives and the challenges you are facing to design efficient solutions that save time and resources and lowering stress as much as possible. It is our experience which gives us the flexibility to adapt to the changing processes companies go through according to their development plans and/or the economic and social environment.